Aromatherapy For Soothing, Comforting Relaxation

The essences used in aromatherapy are distilled energy of plants. They work faster, more efficiently and more profoundly than herbs and teas, says aromatherapist, Francoise Rapp. Ms. Rapp with 18 years of experience as a holistic aromatherapist says, "I prefer helping people gain insights that soothe their transitions and empower them to grow in different aspects of life."

For those who need comfort and healing she recommends a blend of LAVENDER and ROMAN CHAMOMILE.

1. Using a 10ml bottle combine 10 drops of lavender essential oil with 3 drops of Roman chamomile oil;
2. Fill the rest of the bottle wit a carrier oil such as almond or olive oil;
3. Rotate the bottle clockwise two times to blend;
4. In the evening, pour the entire contents of the bottle into bath water or apply 3 to 5 drops on the solar plexus (the area below your breastbone) or in the palm of the hand and inhale.

According to Ms. Rapp, the oils will trigger chemical changes in the nervous system. They can create an instant lift in mood. For some people this lasts for a few hours, but others might need to do it again sooner.

For treating depression related emotional upset, Ms. Rapp suggests the following favorite recipe,

8 drops of YLANG YLANG, 6 drops of ORANGE OIL and 2 drops of ROSE ESSENTIAL OIL,with enough carrier oil to fill a 10ml bottle. Follow the instructions above for use.

Ms. Rapp believes that antidepressants are sometimes necessary for treating depression. But they have a tendency to numb the psyche.

It is possible to free ourselves from depression without drugs. Holistic health shows you the way.
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