Cool, Cooler, Coolest

Knock! knock!
Hello are you there?
Or somewhre else?... I mean... in the past or uncertain future...
They say Past is a Cancelled Cheque!
I say past is the investmet you made for the present.
So all you got to do is to enjoy the present... well, a painful past is not gonna repeat in the stage of time or life... so why replay it in the stage of mind...ewwww... this music kinda suxxxx!
Let the past be past and allow all the bitterness pass away and you'll pass with honours in life!
Hmmmm... what about the future?
The "present" is the "past" of future...
If the present aint good then the future aint good either.
They say future is a promisary note and present is the "cash in hand".
I say present is a vacation and future is a bonus.
You made an investment, now enjoying a vacation and awaiting your bonus.
Aint Life Cool?
For me Cool means...
Carefree - you care for yourself and others for a small fee, FREE! (FOC!)
Observant - you got an eagle's sight... you see goodness in others!
Online - you live in reality and not a dream world or a wishful world...
Light - yout aint got the burden of past, flying free and gliding gently and gracefully and no clouds of future blocking your sight!
So welcome to the cool guys world!
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