What About Becoming Young?

It's always nice to get gifts and presents from our friends and relatives for our birthdays. But at the same time our birthday is also a sweet reminder that we are one year older. So how young you are (or rather how old you are) this year?

You must be aware of the movie 17 again which hit cinemas in US and other countries recently. It's a story of a 37 years old man miraculously transformed back to the age of 17. It may not be possible to have that sort of miraculous transformation but it's possible for you to turn back the clock and get a new lease on life. How?

We are well aware of our age based on our birth certificate. But have you heard of Real Age or Virtual Age? A person's Real Age is an indicator of how quickly or slowly their cells are aging, an internal snapshot. It is a reflection of your health and vitality. We all look in the mirror lamenting our fine lines and wrinkles, but few of us give a thought to how our lifestyle affects us from the inside out.

Let us explore into some practical means to reverse our age...

Take care of your Health - Keep Track of your Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, blood sugar, Cholesterol, etc. This will enable you to take necessary remedial actions and thereby reduce any possible damages to your body;

Take of your oral Hygiene and it can help to make your Real Age younger. Incidentally, don't forget to floss everyday;

Do not smoke and avoid being an innocent bystander. If you are a chronic smoker, get professional help to quit smoking;

Drive safely and also avoid drink driving or being driven by drunkards. Also drive phone free;

Sleep soundly for 6 - 7 hours. Getting too little or too much sleep can raise your blood pressure and stress level, which can increase your risk of heart disease and make your Real Age older;

Take a well balanced diet. Don't overeat and also don't miss your breakfast. Pop in your multivitamins daily. Increase and vary your veggies. And don't forget your friends;

Improve your fitness by doing workout and incorporates cardio, strength training and stretching. Real Age advocates proper exercises can possibly make your Real Age 6 years younger;

Pay attention to your weight and avoid fluctuations. Maintaining a constant desirable weight possibly can make your Real Age 6 years younger;

Time out. Find time to relax or meditate. Taking care of your emotional health and well being is found to make our Real Age up to 16 years younger.

Hatha Yogis believe that when we are born, each one of us is destined with fixed counts of breaths. So, in order to increase their life span, they try to increase the duration of the breathing cycle (inhaling and exhaling) through Pranayama (breathing exercise).
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